Mother Mary

"We empower our associates to rise above their circumstances with the help of their higher power.  We encourage our men and women to get involved, take initiative in their own healing and self-improvement processes.  We offer the guidance, discipline and direction to assist individual to reach their full potential."

Affordable Recovery Housing  focused mission is based on a strategic foundation of employment training, immediate employment, recovery housing, and long-term job placement. Its neighborhood stabilization efforts are built upon Affordable's own construction and restoration company, its own housing placement and its home equity development programs.

The fundamental strategy and underlying mission of Affordable Recovery Housing (ARH) is to establish a safe and sober living environment for people who want to recover from drug and alcohol addiction and homeless issues. ARH. creates opportunities for them to overcome their addictions, develop valuable training skills, secure employment, build strong relationships, and re-enter society in a productive, clean and sober fashion.


Linkage Agreements/ Support Services
(detox, treatment, in and out patient, medical, behavior health, and DUI services)

Case Management - National Certified Recovery Specialist

On site Support Groups -
Recovery Education, Life Skills, Peer Led Groups
(Alcohol Anonymous, Narcotic Anonymous, and Emotional Anonymous) 
and Spiritual Support.

Off site Counselors when needed.

On site Recovery Coaching

Identification Assistances

Employment Training

Employment Coaching

Job Placement Assistances

Memorandum of Understandings with multiple Staffing Agencies who
have committed to hiring our residents regardless of background.

Transportation to and from jobs and appointments.

Indoor and Outdoor activities.        

Testimonials from real people.
"I didn't know what to expect from Affordable when I was there, being at Affordable gave me a chance to re-evaluate my life and make changes, I am grateful to Affordable, Affordable gave me a roof over my head, a place to go when I had no answers, Thank you" — Daniel Lupinski
"It's as giving me a new beginning at life with me staying clean and helping with getting employment which as help me get my life back on track for society!!!" — Marcullus Woolridge
CJ & Joe
"Affordable Recovery. What can I say? This organization saved my life, and the life of the greatest friend I've ever had. Point Blank. Who ironically I MET at Affordable. I came to Affordable after a decent bit in prison and had NO IDEA what to expect. But immediately upon entering the building at Mother of Sorrows, I knew this was where I had to be. And throughout the 4 months I was there it became more and more apparent that this was where I was going to start over. I met Joe shortly after I arrived and well.....we clicked along with another man we kind of made a 3 Musketeers scenario. R.I.P. JR.Having the support of your brothers and the support and guidance of those who have been in the same spot before is what ultimately led to us being successful. The tools that we were given from Affordable are tools that are priceless and we will forever be in debt, because without them we never would have made it this far. Some years ago Heroin ruled our lives and we were all but homeless simply looking for that next shot. But when Affordable was introduced into life, that is when we turned the corner. It really is what you make it. If you really want the help, Affordable is there to give it to you. If you don't want it, you can't receive it because How can someone help you if you don't want to help yourself. So to those who speak badly, my response is quite simple. You weren't ready and you didn't want it. But do you know what the wonderful thing is? When you ARE ready Mary Jo and John, along with the rest of the Affordable staff and partners will be there with open arms. I never thought I'd see my life where it is. We both own our own cars, I am married to a beautiful woman, have my own home and money in my bank account. Without Affordable I don't think I would ever have achieved anything close to this. Yes it's in Nebraska...yuck. But hey I'm not in prison or in some shitty gas station bathroom with a needle hanging out of my arm. And I am HAPPY. Joe is HAPPY. Life is fabulous and it all started at an old Catholic school on Western Ave and a little house on Paulina. So thank you Mary Jo amd John from the bottom of our hearts, for without you this would never have been possible. Love you guys." — CJ & Joe


708-299-0758 or 1-800-HOMELESS