Mother Mary

"We empower our associates to rise above their circumstances with the help of their higher power.  We encourage our men and women to get involved, take initiative in their own healing and self-improvement processes.  We offer the guidance, discipline and direction to assist individual to reach their full potential."

Affordable Recovery Housing  focused mission is based on a strategic foundation of employment training, immediate employment, recovery housing, and long-term job placement. Its neighborhood stabilization efforts are built upon Affordable's own construction and restoration company, its own housing placement and its home equity development programs.

The fundamental strategy and underlying mission of Affordable Recovery Housing (ARH) is to establish a safe and sober living environment for people who want to recover from drug and alcohol addiction and homeless issues. ARH. creates opportunities for them to overcome their addictions, develop valuable training skills, secure employment, build strong relationships, and re-enter society in a productive, clean and sober fashion.


Linkage Agreements/ Support Services (detox, treatment, in and out patient, medical, behavior health, and DUI services)

Case Management - National Certified Recovery Specialist

On site Support Groups - Recovery Education, Life Skills, Peer Led Groups (Alcohol Anonymous, Narcotic Anonymous, and Emotional Anonymous) and Spiritual Support.

Off site Counselors when needed.

On site Recovery Coaching

Identification Assistances

Employment Training

Employment Coaching

Job Placement Assistances

Memorandum of Understandings with multiple Staffing Agencies who have committed to hiring our residents regardless of background.

Transportation to and from jobs and appointments.

Indoor and Outdoor activities.        


708-299-0758 or 1-800-HOMELESS